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Frequently Asked Questions

Academic Records

How do I order a transcript or enrollment verification?

Complete the Document Request form online at

How do I submit a change of name?

Complete a Name Change form which can be found at Instructions for what is required and where to submit form are included with form’s instructions.

I got a jury summons. What do I do?

Bring the completed jury summons to the Office of Medical Education, KAM 218. Depending on our status with office hours related to COVID-19, you may need to mail the original summons to the office at the address below. The Registrar will send jury services a letter requesting that your duty be postponed until after the medical school.

Office of Medical Education
Keck School of Medicine of USC
Attn: Registrar
1975 Zonal Avenue KAM 218

Los Angeles, CA 90089


How can I interview MD applicants to our school?

The Admissions Office holds an annual orientation for students who would like to participate in the evaluation and recruitment of MD Applicants. Please contact the Office of Admissions at or 323-442-2552 for more information.

How can I become involved in recruitment activities for the Office of Admissions?

Contact the Admissions Office to discuss recruitment events and student participation at or 323-442-2552.


I need to make a doctor's appointment. What do I do?

To be excused from educational experiences for healthcare, consult the Policy on Students Needing Access to Healthcare Services.

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